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  • Hartford Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Rid Of Opossums

How To Get Rid Of Opossums

How To Get Rid Of Opossums

Opossums are normally non-aggressive Hartford animals but they can be aggressive when diseased and can also create unsanitary conditions. If you want to get rid of them, then there are a lot of ways. But not all of them are effective. In fact some of the ways are really not that tidy and can cause a lot of problems for you. So here you will get to know some of the effective ways to get rid of Connecticut opossums.

1. Preventing them in entering the household
You can start with the theme that prevention is better than cure. Avoid Hartford opossums to enter your household by spreading something that smells potent. Mothballs, ammonia and garlic could do the work. You can put the clove of crushed garlic in the area where you do not want Connecticut possums to enter. Or just scatter mothballs to scare them away.

2. Trapping
You can use live traps to capture opossums without killing them or harming them in any way. These live-holding traps can be positioned anywhere you think that Hartford opossum could visit. If you want to do it the right way then you should put the trap in the opossum’s path. But also be aware that similar sized Connecticut animals can also get caught in the trap so try to keep it away from them.

3. Sealing open spaces
You can seal all the open spaces you have in your Hartford household which could look inviting to opossum. Usually they enter through attic vents and chimneys so that should be covered first. You can put fences on them that would give no space for the opossum to enter. Repair all the holes which may be present in window screens, deck lattices or door screens.

4. Remove food sources
Usually opossums are attracted to food and garbage. So remove all the trash from your trash cans regularly so that it doesn’t attract any opossum. Secure the lid of your dustbin with chains, ropes, bungee cords and weights. This would prevent them from entering the garbage can. Also try cleaning grease traps and barbecue grills after usage. You can try the above methods to get rid of Hartford opossums and do remember that killing them or poisoning them is not the right and most effective way of getting rid of them. There are many downsides to it. So you can easily be free of all of the opossums in your Connecticut household if you perform the above steps accurately.

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