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Rat Trapping: How To Trap A Rat

Rat Trapping: How To Trap A Rat

Rats can really be obnoxious creatures and one of the most infamous ones. If your Hartford home is infested with rats then it can really be a serious problem because they will not only eat your food, but will also drop it everywhere. They can be the reason of spread of parasites and illnesses like Black Plague and Hantavirus. So it is better to prevent the spread of Connecticut rats and trapping is one of the best ways to do it.

1. Usage of Snap Traps
This is a classic trap to catch Hartford mouse and is being used for a long time. The trap works in a way that whenever the rat comes in and try to grab the bait, metal wire will fall over its head. It comes in various sizes, but before buying it you have to make sure that the trap is big enough to kill the Connecticut rat.

2. Glue Traps
This is also another simple application of trapping the Hartford rat with glue. These traps are basically sheets or pads covered in sticky adhesive. The bait is present in the middle of the sheet. So whenever the rat tries to get the bait, its mouth gets struck in between and suffocates. They are effective in killing the mice but again you need to consider the size of the mouse too as if its better, it can get itself free from the trap.

3. Poison Traps
As the name suggests, these poison traps usually come as station and when consumed by Hartford rat will cause it to die. Although this is one of the most effective to get rid of Connecticut rats, it also poses huge amount of danger to small children, pets, etc.

4. Different Types of Bait to be Used
After you are done with the selection of traps, the next thing you would have to do is find an effective bait, the kind of bait which would lure out Hartford rats from hidden places so that you can finally catch them. Few things to note before finalizing the bait are that your bait should be small, thumb sized amount. If you use larger size, then there’s a chance that Connecticut rat won’t even get near the trap.

Common examples of bait can be bacon or meat, peanut butter, cereals, most fruits and vegetables, cheese (which is their favourite). You can also find commercial Connecticut rat baits which are available in the market.

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