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  • Hartford Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Skunk Out From Under A Shed Or Porch

How To Get Skunk Out From Under A Shed Or Porch

How To Get Skunk Out From Under A Shed Or Porch

Skunks are usually harmless omnivorous Hartford mammals and people also keep them as pets however after removing their glands. Skunks becomes nuisance as they spray a sticky filthy smelling fluid or dig holes in the garden and these beasts are the carrier of rabies and that becomes a threat for pets staying in the Connecticut house.

Skunks, especially the females look for a safe shelter at the time of breeding and in winters. So a shed or under the porch becomes an easy and safe place for them to stay as they are not a very good climbers. Reaching till the attic or a tree trunk becomes difficult for them. And being nocturnal Connecticut animals knowing their hideout place also becomes difficult.

Here are five ways to get rid of a Hartford Skunk living under the shed or porch involved. Before taking any of these steps first ensure that there is actually a Connecticut Skunk present. The best and easiest way would be to throw some flour around the place you suspect these beasts are staying. In the morning look for footsteps, these will also help in determining the size of the animal:

1- Putting up cages till now seems the best way to catch these Hartford animals. While catching these beasts one biggest issue that arises is the spray they do hence the cage has to be built in such a way that it could be avoided. The size of the Connecticut animal is a crucial thing or using the cage and the placement of it.

2- Setup traps for the Hartford Skunks around the shed or porch with marsh mellows or if not stray cats are around use cat food as baits. Traps are available which do not kill them, so these traps could be used to trap and relocate them. Again you will have to throw a piece of cloth on the animal to avoid the spray of the stinky fluid.

3- Connecticut Skunks are very good diggers so the ones which live under the porch post threats to the foundation of the house. Using repellant is also a good idea. Predator urine based usually fox’s urine repellants are very popular.

4- Fencing around the porch is another option. The empty space below the porch could be sealed off by a mesh fence or around the shed to keep away Hartford Skunks or any other rodents.

5- Use advanced methods to keep them away like lighting the shed or around the porch or use motion activated water sprinklers that will also keep them away from these places.

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